Music Licence Evolutions - Upgrade from option 2 to 3 ?- What is a non independent festival ?


I’m an envato market user, through audiojungle, I really appreciate this platform service and the quality of the music too,

( But I don’t appreciate that there is no email to ask question so I have to ask to the forum if someone has the answer because I cannot write to audio jungle or envatomarket to ask them directly ?)

I’m working right now on a very low budget documentary for festivals of “action adventure” documentary, basically young people doing a sport challenge they chose themselves to do.

No tv contract or any diffusion contract, just we will try to see how it work and if it win prices in festivals and interest of people or not,

Here are my questions :

1 does the option 1 & 2 cover action adventure documentary festivals ? (What’s the difference between independent festivals and not independent festivals ?) (I mean … I guess Cannes and Oscars are not independent festivals …)

2 does they cover also “online action adventure documentary festivals” ? (because of covid lots of festivals now are only online)

3 the 1 million broadcast vue of the option 2 are they for a maximum each time 1 million audience ? I mean, 900 000 broadcast audience today, 900 000 next Tuesday is it ok ? Or is it only for a cumulated audience, maybe one day 200 000 on tv, then another Chanel 300 000 until one reach the top of 1 millon vues in total ?

4 if the documentary is successful ? Is it possible in the future to upgrade to the option 3 if we already paid for the option 2 ? (I mean without having to pay the whole price of the option 3 only the difference between option 2 and 3 ? And how is that possible if it is ?)

Thanks a lot everybody for your answers I hope so …

Robinson Hette


Just to make sure we’re on the same page, when you say “option 1, 2, 3” you are talking about the different types of license, correct? Meaning option 1= Standard license, option2=Broadcast 1 million, etc. Assuming that this is indeed what you mean, here are my answers:

  1. The idea is that although they exclude the use in theatrically released films, they do allow using it for “indie films”. Here is how “indie films” is defined in the terms:

A film not for general theatrical release. “Indie Film” includes a student film, a film distributed on online user generated platforms, and a film festival screening.

As with most documentaries, yours will probably fit this definition.

  1. Most web uses, including video streaming, are covered with the Standard license.

  2. The Broadcast licenses only apply to traditional TV (or radio, or their online substitutes) broadcasts. The audience size as defined in the terms is neither about the maximum actual audience nor the cumulated actual audience, but rather about the potential reach or DMA (Designated Market Area). This means for instance, that if your film is broadcast on a New York TV channel, it would require the Broadcast 10 Million license, as New York has a DMA of about 7 million, even if only 200 000 people actually watch it.

  3. You can indeed upgrade your license, should you need to. You will need to go through support so they can help you do that.

Hope it helps!


Thanks a lot for your answers, it really helps,

may I try to understand better about the point 3 please ?

Ok so I got your point, but I’m wandering, is this for one only use ? Or Indefinite amount of broadcasting ?

I mean, Ok so let’s imagine I buy the 10 million broadcast option, so if I have 10 tv diffusion in New York I am covered right ? I mean you buy it only once for one diffusion or two or ten, you only buy it once, right ?

Thanks a lot for your answers again !

For some reason, I wasn’t notified of your last post, sorry to reply so late.

As long as we are talking about the same end-product (same video), then yes, only one license would be required, even if the video is broadcast more than once.