Music Kits Rejected

Who among you have experience on rejected music kits even though its accepted in music category?

I thought that was impossible

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Its posible. Lol

Hey @BlueEagleAudio!

I’ve read somewhere that a kit can get rejected if the track is obsolete and would’t be approved by current standards.

Best wishes!

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Even though if it is accepted in music category? I’ve also read music kits standard and it says it should be flexible music… Lol

Yes that’s what I meant, even though the track is already approved in music category (for example I could make a music kit on a track that was approved in 2014 and can get rejected because the track is not at commercial standards anymore)

‘Please note that even though the original Music item may have been previously approved on AudioJungle, this does not necessarily mean that the kit will automatically pass further quality review.’ from

But this issue could “kill” the single track for the same reason? or the track is blessed and remains in your portfolio for eternity…?

And the track has a lot of sales?

For eternety, until otherwise :slight_smile:

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My music kit based on THIS TRACK has been HARD REJECTED without any reason being explained. This is not “obsolete” track. It still selling licenses. Can I submit this kit to someone experienced to discover the reason of rejection? Thanks.

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I think your music must be flexible first before you submit that in music kits even though it was a high quality stuff music but flexibility may not found on your tracks.

I’ve got one approved stuff in music kits. click here.

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Thanks, bro! You’re a genius, I gonna learn from You how to make truly flexible music :smile:

I see the last post on this subject is over 2 years ago, but right now I’m experiencing the same problem. I uploaded 2 music kits that got a hard rejection. But, the songs are approved.

Actually I waited for the song approval and directly after that I uploaded the music kits.

Any advice of this? Are there lessons learnt in the past 2 years or am I missing out something?

Yes! It is possible to reject a piece of approved music on the music kit category if your music is not flexible. Tons of high-quality music is not fit on music kit category.

hmm… In my opinion it is flexible, but it could be an explanation.

It would be nice if they give a more specific reason. Now I have to guess and there’s nobody who can really tell me…