Music Kit for Modern Pop Song


Hi Guys,

I have some tracks in the ‘Music’ category and decided to do a music kit.
This one got rejected though.

Do you think it’s the funny glissando synth in the verses that made them reject this one?



What do you mean rejected? Aren’t kits made of songs which are already accepted?


Oh… so was that the reason why it was rejected?

I don’t think so though, because the email said " This submission does not meet AudioJungle’s commercial composition/arrangement standard, unfortunately."


Hi @baarsjan

As per the Music Kit submission requirements:

Music Kits must be based on already approved Music items on AudioJungle. In other words, the music itself must have already passed initial quality approval before you can choose to package and sell it as a kit.

In your particular case here you submitted “Pool Party” to the regular Music queue, where it was initially evaluated as a typical music track which led to that particular feedback / rejection. If it had passed initial listen, it would have then been observed that it was a Music Kit and processed as such (where the above requirement would apply).


Thanks a lot Eric. I hadnt’ found that section yet. I read all of it and found another mistake I made.
I will upload the song again with vocals as a normal song.


Hey Eric, I’m thinking of uploading a few music kits later this week my self. One of the kits hasn’t been uploaded yet as a regular track though but would it be OK to upload it for review a couple of days earlier than the kit version? If it doesn’t get accepted as a regular track I could then cancel the upload for the kit version.

Thanks, Joe