Approved Music Track, Hard Rejected Music Kit On A Same Track

Hi guys! Hope everyone is doing good today!

I’ll get straight to the point: I need your opinion on the situation.

One of my music tracks called Energetic Pop was recently approved and already had a sale.
I followed up and created a music kit for it for a higher usability.

And guess what? Hard reject as track doesn’t meet AudioJungle commercial/production quality standard.

Wait…what? :smiley: I don’t get this part - if the track was approved here’s two ways:

  1. The track really is crappy and doesn’t qualify to be sold on AudioJungle ( first reviewer made a mistake)
  2. The track is good and music kit reviewer made a mistake by not approving the music kit.

I’ll add that there are no issues with how the music kit itself in terms of production, it’s all good.

So - let me know your thoughts, guys! Anyone experienced such a situation before?
The Level 1 support was predictably super unhelpful here, but recommended reaching out to community
(which I did :slight_smile:)



My self-confidence has increased:)

Good for you! :slight_smile:

Really strange reject reason of music kit ! :confused:

Yes, strange.

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Even some of my sets have rejected! What is the reason I do not know ((If anyone knows the reason, then let me know about it please.

I would only recall my recent thought…) There are some expert system intended to partly substitute reviewers which is being tested now. Due to its artificial mechanical algorythms and rigid standards, authors get unpredictable and unexpected rejects :tada: