Kit not accepted, not allowed to re-submit

I do not get it, my track Dance Now track is already accepted, so I created a kit for it, applied all the strict rules, and all the parts you can mix them at random, as you please, it works great. The strange part is, I’m not allowed to re-submit it, what the…, I easily can adjust it in more or fewer parts. A couple of days work down the drain, cuz this track has vocals, harmony, and strings, so I had to adjust the transitions a lot, and now it won’t be approved. Maybe it was too much work, cuz there are 66 parts, and the advice is 20 parts, Maybe next time I should read advice as an obligation. I find with kits, AJ must give a reason for the rejection and not to allowed to re-submit, cuz the track is awesome, AJ also approved the track, so I want to add a kit also. Does anyone has an advice for me?

I wouldn’t fight for this submission since this relatively new category “kits” is under reviewers criteria so once they think is not a good candidate for kit can be for many reasons but mainly because they think it is not worth it for the cut and paste idea proposed under the “kit” concept.

Don’t take it harsh as you just already walked many steps to try next kit submission

Thanks Octopusic, that’s true, it’s new, I won’t take it harshly, I’m already working on a new track. I just don’t like to work a couple of days for zip, but I’ll get over it.

66 is a huuuuge number of sections. My biggest kit had (less than?) 30 parts. This could be the reason or the biggest reason of rejection.

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I think also, but it’s EDM track with vocal, Instrumental is 22 parts, EDM track with vocal 22 parts and I added a lounge edit also 22 parts, total 66. That’s the problem with a track with vocal, I also have to upload an instrumental and vocal edit. Next time only an instrumental edit :slight_smile:

First of all - what was a reason of rejection?

BTW I would try to upload only instrumental and vocal versions.

And still 22 sections for a song is quite a big number. Usually I would make intros - verses - choruses - bridges - outros. I would not try to divide verses or choruses (at least in vocal version).

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Not the standard was the reason for rejection. I did the intro, verse, chorus, bridge et cetera, but I also added a pre-bridge, small bridge, large bridge, 2 choruses, 2 outros, in total 11 sections no tail and 11 tail, total 22.
Next time I will keep it on intro, verse, chorus, bridge, and outro. Keep it more simple.
But, I still think AJ should give me the opportunity to upload this track with 5 sections and they should not write not allowed to re-submit, cuz the ‘normal’ track was approved. That’s my opinion.

Thanks RedOctopus

Well, just because the “normal” track is accepted doesn’t mean it will work well as a kit. All submitted kits have a “normal” track accepted… That would mean no kit could be rejected.

Anyway, as you suspect, 66 parts is way too many and could be a bit too confusing for the buyer.

Hi Flumen, with the normal track, I adjusted it for the kit, clean cuts, added tails, but the basic, like instruments, vocals, mastering et cetera stays the same. My opinion is that AJ must give a proper reason why it’s rejected, cuz of the approval of the ‘normal’ track. And then, after adjustments, I can upload it again, now I’m in the dark what to do with it. I know now 66 is way too many for some, but I thought do not underestimate the video producers/editors, I gave the kit to a friend (video editor), and he’s very happy with it, he can mix, paste all the parts. AJ is not just for starters. I wrote this string on the forum, to find out what to do best, and yes next time a simple cut, simple music, easy to work with for all. Even I’m not satisfied with this, but what can I do. Only write it on the forum.

And what was the reason of rejection? What did reviewer write?

Not the standard, was the reason for rejection

Can you paste here text from the reviewer? It would be easier to say what shall you do. I would try to reupload it. Soft rejection means that you will have to do slight edits. Let’s say that sometimes hard rejection allows to resubmit files but only after major edits.

I do not have the mail anymore, tossed it in the bin, I was a bit disappointed.
I want to tweak or edit it, but there was a text: You’re not allowed to upload it again. I believe this is a hard reject. Of course, I can do also a major edit, no problem. When I read the comments here on the forum, I should make fewer cuts, and I will do this but I want to keep my account here on AJ. I will give it a try, 5 clean cuts, tails and no tails.

In my opinion usually 8-25 tails and same amount of no-tales should be ok. In your case 8-12 would be perfect. Maybe less?

This reduction will be a huge edit. So I would try to reupload it.

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8-12 tails and 8-12 no tails. I’m gonna give it a try.
Thanks, RedcOtopus,

I think that you can even try to add another few sections without vocal. I keep my fingers crossed!

Give it a shot, and I also keep both my fingers crossed, I will upload asap an Instrumental and vocal edit. And If it does not work, I tried it anyway. I will let you know if it works, thanks for all the help.

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