Multiple Portfolio's on one website?

I’m building a website for two friends that both do photography, but different types. They want a website where they can easily separate their portfolios and have them on their own pages. for example /photographer1/portfolio/item and /phtographer2/portfolio/item

I’ve read up on this and haven’t found a working solution just yet. Is there any page builder or portfolio plugin that supports multiple portfolios?

I did find the Multiple Portfolios plugin, but haven’t tested it yet and it hasn’t been updated in a year so I’m hesitant:

I would have thought that there are numerous themes or plugins which allow for multiple portfolios
AND which you could tell to only include images from select categories

Please check

Maybe is what you looking.

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Yeah, me too. But every demo I look at is just for one portfolio. I own dozens and none of them support multiple portfolios as far as I can tell.

No, this is literally like every other portfolio. It filters, but I need to build separate pages with separate URL structures and this doesn’t do that. It’s a nice theme and thank you for the response, but not what I need.

p.s. the ‘read more’ links on the mouseover of your graphic design / creative writing in your default demo home page don’t work. They only link to a blank anchor.

Hi, on read more, user can add his link.

That is not portfolio
Portfolio is here

See in menu.

Thanks and good luck to find what you need. Cheers

Would this not work?

Likewise, most of the big themes Avada, Stack ( sure this can do it), Be that use page builders like Visual Composer, include portfolio shortcodes which can be inserted on different pages and which can be set to house certain categories of content

Or for example themes like this advertise ‘unlimited portfolios’ or or (these are just first to come up

Hi @dotdragon :slight_smile:

Why don’t you use categories for this? Create 2 categories like “photographer1” and “photographer2”. If you need additional categories, add them as the subcategories of these 2 main categories.

So it will look like:



You can do this almost all portfolio themes. And don’t forget to check WPSelected out for the best themes picked from ThemeForest:

Hope this idea helps.

Thanks for the reply. They want their url structure separate, which seems to be the tricky part.

Thanks, I didn’t try the ‘unlimited portfolio’ search, I’ll give these all a look. Super appreciate it!