How to Add MultiplePortfolios on a Page with Sliders?

It is best that I just show you a screenshot:

As you can see in the image, I am trying to list out the portfolio pages on my landing page, wanting to display only 4 at a time, rest hidden but accessible through a scroller button. However, what I get is IMAGE#1. All portfolios together, with a vertical vertical. But what I am actually looking for, is IMAGE#2. Not the exact feel, but the horizontal scroller and the even layout.

Hope I have been clear.


You can simply integrate a slider carousel for this, try using owl slider for this ->


With one of out themes you can do this easily and even divide them in separate slider for each category if you wish

Here is an example:

Hi madlinedesigns

This product does what you want (and more) it allows you to create multiple animated galleries of images/text/videos etc. You can even add html (links etc)

The slider is okay, but I do not see any option for adding pages in the gallery. Or alternatively, add extra text to the images added.

I need to showcase pages. There are many free plugins for images and videos.

I have already installed another theme and the site is almost ready to launch. Only this carousel remains. Cannot change the theme for a single element. However, I like what I see and if there is any plugin for what you showed me, I would be willing to buy. Thanks!

Hi madlinedesigns

I assume you mean a WP plugin version? If so I’m sorry but it’s a pure ‘jQuery’ plugin and whilst I could create as a WP plugin I suspect (from your comment - ’ the site is almost ready to launch’) that I may not have time to re-create as I am up to my eyes for a few days (well certainly this working week), then the review process etc on codecanyon so I doubt a WP version would hit the ‘streets’ for neatly 10-14 days - sorry.

That said, obviously it is available as a pure jQuery ‘plugin’

Your “kwik photation” plugin doesn’t solve my problem as I am looking to showcase my pages as slides.

NP - I replied before - before I noticed that your comment was a reply to theAlThemist - my apologies