Move a theme purchase from one Envato account to another?


by mistake I bought a theme in Envato/Themeforest, but I was logged in a friend’s account. So I paid with my card, but the theme ended up in my friend’s Envato account.

Is it possible to move the theme purchase to my account?

Of course my friend can be contacted for confirmation, no problems about that.


You can ask Envato support but 99.9% certain that it won’t be possible

Envato support seemed related to theme authors…is there support for theme buyers?


Support is support for everyone.

Under T&Cs transferring items is not allowed so it would have to be an exceptional case decision from them.

Did you download it?

Yes I did download and installed in my side, already.

Then it’s almost certain that they won’t allow it to be moved (for obvious security reasons).