Can I migrate a theme purchase from one Envato account to another?

Hey guys,

I have two Envato (themeforest) accounts, and in one of them I purchased a theme, but I would like to migrate to the other account. How do I do that?


Sorry to say that but it’s not possible. You can’t merge the accounts. Just decide which account you’d like to use and do the purchases within that account from now on.

I don’t want to merge the accounts, I just want to pass the theme purchased by Account 2 to Account 1. Then I think I’m going to delete this Account 2. I want to do this, because I already have themes and plugins purchased in Account 1, and I didn’t want to manage 2 accounts when I could use a single account.
Currently, when I need to download a theme or plugin, I need to check which account it is from and enter the account (username and password), then, if I need to download a theme or plugin that is on the other account, I I need to sign out of that first account and sign in to the second account. This is a bit annoying. I could use a single account.

It’s still not possible.

Use second browser to login.