Most Popular Themes have Self-Referral Links? Is this allowed?

We’ve noticed that all top 5 Most Popular Themes have self-referral links on their landing pages. Does this mean that they get more money if a new user buys a theme from their referral link and should we incorporate it into our Landing Page?

they may do it for when people copy and paste the url’s, but it’s pretty much useless as Envato don’t pass on referrals if the person has visited the envato sites before

It doesn’t help only if someone visits their page from an external source, so pretty much useless! The reason @Gareth_Gillman gave is indeed true! :slight_smile:

But that makes sense, if you promote your theme on Facebook, Twitter AddRoll or wherever and a new user comes to the Landing Page, likes the product, clicks to purchase it and creates a new Envato account and buys the theme - you get the money because you brought in a new customer to the entire market.

Therefore, you should absolutely have a referral link. Why would you lose that money, especially if you are marketing your theme outside of Themeforest?