Can I advertise my theme trough my Envato affiliate link?


I’m a theme author on ThemeForest and I’d like to advertise my theme trough my Envato referral url. So if someone uses my link to go ThemeForest and purchase my theme or decide to buy an other one instead and meets the criteria I can earn the 30% after him or her. Do you know if that’s possible or it doesn’t allowed by Envato’s Terms & Conditions?

Thank you in advance!

That’s totally allowed.

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Thanks! And do you know if I can use my referral url with the item page link and the preview link as well?

I mean this my referral url:

this would be the item page:

and this is the preview page:

Can I use all 3 in the same time?


From what I am aware, yep, yep and yep you can! :smiley:

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Perfect :smiley: thanks! :wink:

Envato does not allow you to use affiliate link on Google adwords directly (in case you’re gonna use Google adwords)
You need to build a landing page with your affiliate url in it