Money was debited from my account but Envato tells me there was a payment error!


I bought a WordPress theme from the Envato market about 3 days ago. Money was debited from my card.

Afterwards my account was locked. I submitted a ticket. I got a response back 2 days later and was told that there was an error while processing your card.

When I first contacted them, I already sent the payment receipt as a pdf, so everything is clear. Again, I took screenshots of the payment from my bank application and sent them as a pdf.

However, they respond to emails very late and this is starting to annoy me a little. I’ve been waiting for 3 days.

My work is interrupted. If you can please help me urgently, I will be very happy.

Hello and welcome to Envato Forums!
I am sorry that happened to you. Unfortunately there is no way to resolve that issue here in this forum as that is something Envato support can check only. They don’t work over the weekend, but as soon as they get to your ticket they will check that and get back to you. Accounts get locked as a security measure as explained here.

I understand My account was opened but the payment problem is still not resolved. OK, thank you.