Missing confirmation email

Just purchased the Avada Theme this morning. But I’m not getting any confirmation email needed for generating A Token. I’ve tried the “Re-send confirmation email” button many times, without success.
@KingDog any suggestions?


Do you require a purchase code? That should be available to download when you click on the Download button in your Download area:


Or are you waiting for some token from the Avada Support forums? https://theme-fusion.com/support/


I do have the purchase code, but need the Envato token. I’ve been waiting for 24h now, but receiving no e-mail. Could you please contact the support team and have them send me the confirmation e-mail?

I have a same problem.
It just happen now and I googling that was how i could reach to here.

@KingDog I received the e-mail after two days. Problem solved.

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I am getting the same problem! I have sent an email every day for the past 5 days and i have still not gotten any help

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