Missing account with theme licensing

Hi there,
I’m new to the wordpress scene and helping on taking over a website that has the Mindig theme. The theme hasn’t been updated in couple years and I can’t update it because I need to download the whole theme from themeforest. Since I’m taking over, the theme was bought with a different account than of course mine and can’t download it. The person who used to work on the site did it and he is missing in action. Of course the owner of the site would not like to buy it again. Is there any way we can download it? maybe contacting support here?


To download theme from envato you must have to loggedin the original purchaser account. Only purchaser account will get access of the download.

If you interested open a Help Ticket to contact Envato Support Team.


ok, thanks, I understand that, but the thing is the person who was working on the website before we can’t contact him (he basically disappear). Do you think opening a ticket with help desk will help me in any way? I don’t know if they can trace back to the user that originally download it. maybe?

Sorry to say I think support team will not be able to assist you as you don’t have access of the original purchaser account. as I have mentioned early reply: Only purchaser account will get access of the download. Thanks

ok, thanks!