Minimal Deposit $20? Not Good!

How can you justify the minimal deposit at $20? Every other service I use allows $5 $10 $20 and so on. I have $21 in credit, want something for $29 but have to pay either $25 via Paypal direct or add $20 credit, leaving $11 in my Envato account. Please stop being so greedy and lower the minimal deposit to $5 like every other service. I dont want you keeping $11 in my envato account that I might or might not spend. Envato is not the only place I spend my low budget.

I came to this forums because I was a bit unsatisfied.
I have $6 in my envato account, a left over from a previous purchase. Now I need to buy a theme which costs $59. Paypal costs an aditional $2 and then the $6 remain untouched.
I can add money to the wallet, but I have to add $60, which leaves me with $7 in the wallet.

It’s just a bit silly that the paypal fee only counts when paying directly, adding to the wallet does not cost $2. And it is silly that I can’t subtract the balance in the wallet and still pay the remaining amount with paypall directly.

The current options do make you seem a bit greedy, i’m sorry to say.

Hey there! We’re sorry to hear you’re having issues with the current payment plans. You can however, submit a ticket to Envato Help and Support Center for more help on this matter. These are just the basic community forums. Anything information regarding accounts and payments can be obtained only by contacting Envato Support. Cheers!