Always a few cents short of being able to actually use my credits!!! Frustrating!

I know it’s probably always coming up regarding the min deposit, but since the new addition of tax on items at checkout, I can never seem to use the last $9.40 I have in credits because it’s always a few cents over the usual $8 ($9.60) for lower cost items on Videohive. It just seems so crazy that you can’t spend your own money how you choose!

There needs to be more flexibility on this! I think you should be able to withdraw credits. Or combine deposited amounts with paypal payments at least. Having to deposit $20 to be able to purchase an $8 item is becoming tiresome. Whatever small amount evato would loose coming up with a solution, maybe they should take that hit!

I have one $7 item if that helps! :wink:

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Yes this is very stupid. Actually prevents me from using this site because I will not add $20 to purchase an $19 item. This is just ridiculous. But hey Envato, thanks for saving me money from adding. I’ll refrain from purchasing anything until this is fixed.

It is a matter of economics, note below, extracted from the Envato knowledge base

The Envato Market only accept deposits in $10 increments, with a minimum of $20 and a maximum of $100. Some of the content on the Market sites sells for as low as $1. We are, however, unable to allow deposits under $20 as the transaction fees for these deposits mean that they are currently not sustainable for the Envato Market.

The PayPal option is available to buyers who do not wish to make a deposit. Buy Now allows instant purchase through PayPal but will incur a fee of up to $2.

Yes I understand that. But they should give the option to apply existing balance whether you use the paypal or deposit option.