Per-transaction handling fee stops me from making purchases

I used to have credits on my account, and every time I needed a song for a project, I could just pop in and pick one up. Now that there’s a $2 handling fee per transaction, I put things in my cart and wait until I stack them up to at least 5 before I purchase. Sometimes, I just find other music I have instead of purchasing new. $2 adds up!

Just wanted to let Envato know that per-transaction fee is a deterrent to checking out- some other system would be better- like hiding 25c somewhere in the cost of the element (though we already see your $4 charge)- if you’re so out to weasel an extra couple bucks!


Hello @jibuckley ,

Thanks for purchasing from envato.

Please contact with Envato help hope they will reply well from envato authority


Hello @jibuckley

Thanks for purchase from envato market, We can’t help in this, you can see envato credit is removed, Issue is not to you only.

You can read this for more details

Thanks :slight_smile: