Can Envato lend me 1$ please?

I know this is super funny post, but i have 17$ credit in my account, I want to buy a product which is 18$, I dont want to add credit cause it’s only 1$!!! my 20$ will be wasted.

Can I request @envato to lend or donate me 1$ so that I can buy the codecanyon product?

Explain the situation to the item author and ask him/her to change the price for the purchase

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Haha this is funny, why dont you pay the rest with paypal or something

Minimum deposit is $20. Meaning they’ll be left with $19 unused.

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Yeap! There is no way to deposit only 1$. The simplest solution is to talk to the author! Maybe it will work! Cheers! :slight_smile:

1$ transferred to your account for posting this funny thread and making my day :sweat_smile:. Go ahead with the purchase! HaHaHa! :rofl:


hey man! thanks for your reply! Though i didnt get ur money, but ur post also made my day!

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I can’t read this thread and not hear this song: