Minified JavaScript, CSS and HTML

Hi Experts,

Is it allowed to use minified JavaScript, CSS and HTML code in download files?

Thanks in advance.

hi, i do not think it is allowed but it is strongly recommended for you to use minified files for speed and performance.

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Not in the download version (everything needs to be easily accessible) but you can keep it for your demo to protect and speed things up


Thank you both so much. (y)


I am using a template for Wordpress in and I would like to compress the javascript, css and html.

Which is the best option?

Thanks you!

You can try google PageSpeed service. There you can have options for compression.

Thanks you for the information!

Hi You have two options
one is doing via a plugin : swift performance
second is doing via manually , below given steps

  1. download all css and js files of your website and minify all those files here :
  2. upload al files again on server via cpanel or ftp

Hi everyone, Themeforest user here. Are there any themes that have built in minification / uglification? I have a bunch of js files on my Solitaire site that I want to minify automatically, but the default WP theme doesn’t do that. I couldn’t find any good plugins either. Any thoughts appreciated.

As this is not permitted for themes sold on envato it’s not a feature which authors would include.

There are plenty of minification and optimisation plugins on and codecanyon that will help with this.

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You can minify them in demo url. But, I think, it’s not allowed in download source.