Minified Core Files in Theme

I’ve recently bought a theme that has minified JS files, you can use prettifier to make it more readable but it’s still adding hours to development time.

When purchasing a theme I would’ve expected to get all files unminified at the least so the code is readable and editable.

Is this a requirement for selling themes? I’ve contacted the author and I’ve been told I need to buy an extended licence which simply isn’t true as that’s for selling the theme from them.



Theme main js files can’t be minified. Customer may need to customize the js for their requirements. So, if customer ask for unminified version then author should to provide.

Please open Help ticket and let them know. Envato Customer support team will be happy to assist you.


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Hey Mgscoder,

Thanks for getting in touch, that’s what I thought too - is there anywhere on envato / themeforests website that points that out as I’ve searched everywhere!

I’ve also opened a help ticket but was told to just contact the theme author.


I don’t know why there is no requirement written here WordPress Theme Requirements – Envato Author Help Center,
But reviewers often make a notice and give a link on wordpress theme review Required – Make WordPress Themes, where it says:

  • No minification of scripts or files unless you provide original files
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Yeah I remember seeing the same notification when submitting themes ages ago so remembered it was a rule.

I’m completely fine with the demo having minified code and minified code being packaged up with the theme but I should still get the unminified content too

Minified JS files are ok as long as the author provides unminified version as well, and it is a bit weird if it is not the case.

Just contact the author and share link provided by @MaitreArt to hopefully talk some sense to him. Asking you to buy the extended license to get unminified JS is absolute nonsense and if he insists on it, you should just get in touch with Envato Support.

However as a side note: having the need to read the original JS is of course reasonable, but you should never ever edit it in the parent theme. If it is not possible to override it via your own JS loaded in child theme, then you should deregister the file via your child theme and load it again from your child theme folder with your own modifications in the file.

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That’s my thoughts exactly, more than happy to see minified files for production speed and best practice but would like to actually develop with the unminified.

I’ll try and go back to the author now and see