About file minification

Standard bootstrap and other JS or CSS files are already minified.

Can they be minified or not?

Bootstrap css and js are minified

You can check Css file , Js file

Just to add to this - Obfuscation of code is not allowed.

The source code must be readily available and easy to edit

I donlt see why you can’t minify your demo but the download version should not be

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Yes, now my question is, whether mine can be minified or not.

Can’t the bootstrap either? or just my files that cannot be minified?

To (to an extent) protect and speed up the demo, should be ok.

But there’s not obvious benefit to buyers for the download version to be minified and I would have thought that the reviewer would reject it

If it got through you run the risk of a number of negative reviews and support issues if buyers are unable to work with it easily

will I have to remove the Bootstrap minification, which is already standard to download?

I guess as it’s how the code is delivered then that part should be ok

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I am new here. But as far as I know, you must include all the css and js files in the app. And bootstrap has both minified and regular css and js files. I think you can use the regular one in the app but tell in the documentation that there is also an minified version of the files which is better to use.

Please use the minified versions! Those files are huge and will drastically slow down your app – the minified versions are the only versions intended for use in a browser outside of development. :rofl:

You also do *not* need to include the original, uncompressed versions of those libraries in your script. Everyone knows what those are and where to get them; nobody has an expectation to read or edit their code directly because they are compiled down.

Now, with respect to your own JavaScript files… you can minify them for usage in the browser, but be sure to include the original source code in your download.



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Thank you!

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I put in the download file the style and js not minified, if the client wants to use it, the minified files are inside the “minified” folder. What do you think?