About Minify Files JS and CSS

Can I put all the main minified js and css files on my system and create a folder with the name, for example “no-minified”, and put all these unminified files inside that folder?

I think one folder with two files is enough:


if you provide unminified version of your main js and css then it is okay. you can add unminified version of your main js and css in the same folder instead creating another folder to find them easily. Thanks

paste CSS


paste css/no-minified


can it be like this?

There is not much difference. I think a separate folder is not needed. Example:



There are many files to stay in the same place, that would be very confusing, don’t you think?

I don’t think so.
A separate folder will confuse me and I don’t remember what I would meet somewhere.

Bootstrap also need? some say they don’t need it, just the files you created, which need to be unminified as well.

Everything you need is needed.
If you use Bootstrap files they need to be turned on. If not, no need.

some plugin/framework as like bootstrap, fontawesome etc you can ignore include unminified version because everyone know them well and if they need they can download the unminified version from those site. Also such script anybody would not like to customize/change through the main script file(e.g. bootstrap.css) customization.


Thank you!