minify CSS

Has anyone had luck compressing theme CSS? I am using Bold Theme’s Prohauz for WordPress. I love the theme. We are a shop that is focused on metrics and I would like to have Minified CSS be obtainable. Plesk settings and Plugins won’t touch the theme CSS. And there is no way to ask Bold Themes without paying for support.

You can reach the author via item comments, but if you don’t have a valid support then the author is not obliged to help you:

Thank you both. I was hoping to integrate a site performance minification tool to avoid the every file manual labor but that looks like the best route. It can be difficult to get questions answered and I have built in the cost of extended support on a couple projects for just in case occasions like this. I understand the pricing model but have avoided a couple great looking themes/templates due to the difficulty of communication if you have not yet purchased.