Meet Unstock

Hi Everyone,
Exciting news! Collis has just announced the release of Unstock, our new, beautiful photography collection… Read all about it on his blog post.


Beautiful ! This will save my time !

Today Envato release brandnew
Why does it exist when we have Photodune? :confused:

hey leafcolor, Unstock is a test for us. We have a hypothesis that we got a bunch of things wrong with PhotoDune, so we’re testing:

  • Do images sell better when there are less but higher overall quality
  • More image-centric User interface (big images, less stuff like comments)
  • Less options (one buy button, instead of many sizes)

The aim is to see if we can deliver better return per image per month, and if so then slowly ramp up PhotoDune towards that model.

Basically one big test :slight_smile:


Yes, I think its layout is better for photos than Photodune :smiley:

You always do great things :+1: wait to see what’s going on and I’ll buy some

definitely a good move, collis

lol, are u looking for a community superstar status?

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Can we also use these photos in our themes with the watermark and link back to unstock in item description? Thanks for the amazing resource @collis


@collis how often will be updated by curators with new pictures from photodune (daily, weekly, monthly) this new project ? Example: a free stock (Unsplash) is updated once every 10 days.

I think a good idea would help promote this new project it is to create a monthly package with 5-7 free pictures, obviously with the consent of the authors or be proposed by them.

This new project motivated me to upload pictures on Photodune. I graduated in visual arts (photo & video department) and I do not like classic stock websites :grinning: but this project is cute.

It would be nice that : when I upload a picture on Photodune, to have an Unstock button or field. That would help authors for recommend their image . Also I think this will greatly help for curators.

Are there vector illustrations, and who is choosing this images?

Its a great concept!! I would bet my money on this :sunglasses:

So for 5$ you’ll get the image and use it where you want and as many times you want?

@Wynio details about license you find here :
License is just for one project .

@kovacevic are just “unstock” images, not vectors. You find vectors on Graphicriver.
For more informations about a “unstock” images, read this article from Google Materials at point 2 “Stay away from stock” :

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Seems to be down, “ERROR The request could not be satisfied.”

@digitalscience it’s probably from your browser. Clear your caches and after this press Cmd + R or Ctrl + R (Refresh)

Fantastic, well done guys!

Excellent and exciting project, I think it is a right step forward.

Are you planning to add some basic features like:

  • Photo description
  • Search functionality
  • Browsing filters: sort by views, downloads, date…etc

I don’t see a “search” button…The Idea seems very good also because it takes the distance from usual stock competitors.
This “natural” photos style seems to lead the market now.


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i think that a real step forward would be letting us use the photos for free when they are just for preview so that we promote them and push buyers to buy so that they have identical creations as the ones that we feature …

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Although, I’ve just come to purchase a file and the page cannot be found.