Most Wanted: Unstock Photos - $5,000

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We’ve reached our deadline and this contest is now over. Winners announced soon!

As a follow-up to the launch of Unstock (Envato’s Newest Photo Collection) we wanted to run a contest so all PhotoDune authors have a chance at being part of this new collection.

We’ve put up $5,000 in prize money for the best new photos selected for the Unstock Collection.


What You Can Win

Each photo selected for Unstock will win $5 per photo.

We’re also running a “Best Photo” contest where all photos uploaded to the marketplace between November 5th and January 28th will have a chance to win awesome bonus prizes!

The best photos in the following 10 categories will win $500 each:

  1. $500 Prize: Best ‘Happy Holidays’ Photo
  2. $500 Prize: Best ‘Being human’ Photo
  3. $500 Prize: Best ‘A way of life’ Photo
  4. $500 Prize: Best ‘Busy & connected’ Photo
  5. $500 Prize: Best ‘Life is a journey’ Photo
  6. $500 Prize: Best ‘It's a wonderful world’ Photo
  7. $500 Prize: Best ‘Together’ Photo
  8. $500 Prize: Best 'Unexpected’ Photo
  9. $500 Prize: Best ‘Building our world’ Photo
  10. $500 Prize: Best ‘Details & little things’ Photo


How Photos Are Selected For Unstock

Once your photos are reviewed for the PhotoDune marketplace a select team of Envato staff will check to see if your photos are what we’re looking for in the Unstock collection. If accepted into Unstock, you will receive $5 per photo and be eligible for one of our bonus prizes.


How Photos Are Shortlisted For Unstock

Be sure to tag your photos unstock and they will be shortlisted by a select panel of judges.


What We’re Looking For

We’re looking for images that breaks with conventional stock photography trends. Photos that capture the real world, the unusual, the unique, the authentic. We are looking for a mixture of photos of People, Urban Scenes, Healthy lifestyles, Technology, Business, Arts, Food, Travel etc. Best to check out Unstock to get an idea of what we’re after.


What We’re NOT Looking For

We are not looking for ‘staged photos’, photos on isolated backgrounds or ‘photo manipulations’. Basically if it looks like the traditional type of stock photos then we’re probably not going to select it.


It’s a Contest!

This Envato’s Most Wanted is a contest. And like any contest, you don’t want to be disqualified because you didn’t follow the rules. So as well as carefully following the procedure below, make sure you read everything in full.

Here are the key details:

  • Upload your photos to Envato Market on or after Thursday, November 5th and before the competition closes on Thursday, January 28th at 23.59 AEDT time.
  • The winning photos will get a share of $5,000+
  • Authors will win $5 for each photo selected for the Unstock Collection (no limit)
  • All ‘Best Photo’ winners will receive the “Won a Most Wanted Contest” badge.
  • An author can enter as many photos as they wish.
  • Multiple submissions from the same author must be significantly different to one another.
  • An author can win a maximum of three (3) “Best Photo” prizes (total value of $1,500).
  • Eligible photos must meet our Unstock style & quality criteria.
  • Final eligibility of entries is determined by Envato staff.
  • Envato staff to judge “Best Photo” prize winners.
  • Envato & judges retain the right not to award “Best Photo” prize(s) at their sole discretion if they deem appropriate levels of skill have not been met.
  • Prizes are payable only via PayPal, Moneybookers/Skrill, or Payoneer.
  • Only new Photos uploaded to the site within the contest time period are eligible.
  • The entry deadline is based on the date of the final submission/resubmission leading to the photo’s approval on Envato Market. Not the date of final approval.

We’ll announce the winners a few weeks after the event closes, and send out the prizes several weeks after that. So, let’s get started.


How to Enter Your Photos


What to Do After Your Photos Are Approved

Once your photos have been approved, do the following as soon as you can:

  • Complete the Most Wanted Entry Agreement. By doing this, you agree to keep Unstock entries on Envato Market for a minimum of two years.


Existing Photos

If you have existing photos in your PhotoDune portfolio that you think would suit the Unstock collection please complete this form.

Please note: Existing photos are not eligible to a win prize as part of this contest. Only new photos submitted during the contest dates are eligible for a prize.


And that’s it. Good luck!


Please Read Full Terms & Conditions Here


Is this competition applicable only to photodune authors?

Yes you’ll need to be a PhotoDune author to upload and enter.

How can I assign a category to the submitted image?

Should I really complete the Most Wanted Entry Agreement form for every one submitted image?
The forms are the same and don’t have any link to exact image.
Besides that, when I try to complete several forms, I receive the following reply from the server
"ERROR: You have already submitted the form once. If you want to submit the form again, please go back to the form, reload your browser and try again. f4c4397e6de35ad162f87b7755e5dc99 "

You do not need to assign a prize category to your photos. This will be done when deciding the winners.

You only need to complete the entry form once.

Hi ShaneFreer, I have 2 questions regarding this:

  1. How long after our images have been approved for the Photodune “regular” marketplace shall we know whether they have been approved for the Unstock collection? I mean, is this process of approving images especially for the Unstock collection something that takes place after images have already been approved for the standard marketplace, or are they straight away approved for both regular marketplace and Unstock collection?
  2. Should we complete “Most Wanted Entry Agreement” only after our images have been approved specifically for the Unstock collection, or after they have been approved for the regular marketplace?

I just remembered that I have one more question - will the tag “unstock” be removed from the images if they are not accepted to the Unstock collection (since it does not make much sense for them to have that tag unless they belong to the Unstock collection)?


Hi Jasmina!

  1. When the contest is over Envato staff will judge “Best Photo” prize winners & choose which photos will be selected for the Unstock collection. Being approved for the regular marketplace is separate from being selected for the Unstock collection.

  2. Please complete the entry form once your photos are approved for the regular marketplace.

Ok, thanks!

Hello! Shane, could you help me with an issue? I already sent 10 of my existing photos, and my question is if I may send another batch of 10 photos from my existing ones? Thanks

Yes if you wish to be considered for the Unstock collection & have existing photos (already on PhotoDune) that you think would be a good fit, please submit your best 10 here:

We’re in the last week of the Unstock contest (closes next Thursday 28th January). Remember we’re looking for best authentic stock photos in 10 different prize categories.

If you’ve entered and haven’t already done so, be sure to fill out the entry form & be sure to check all your photos are tagged ‘unstock’.

Good luck!

We've reached our deadline and this contest is now over

This particular Envato’s Most Wanted is now over. Thank you again for the excellent response and all the wonderful submissions!

If you entered and haven't already done so, be sure to fill out the entry form & be sure to check all your photos are tagged 'unstock'.

If your photos are still in the review queue don't worry we will wait a week to make sure any held/resubmitted items are processed before establishing the full set of eligible entries.

We'll then announce all the winners in about 4 weeks from today. Good luck! :)

Hi, Shane, shall we be notified by e-mail about every photo that is accepted to your unstock collection?

I won in Best ‘Happy Holidays’ category! Woohoo thank you Envato! :grinning:

Hi Shane! I found new badge, in my profile. It indicates message “Most Wanted Winner. Won a most wanted contest.” There is no any information In my envato account, only indicates badge. It wasn’t any notification! I would be grateful if you help to find any information about this issue.image

Is there anyone alive?