Medicenter WordPress Site

Download the final zip file from your downloads page.
Unzip the final zip file; you should now have a final download folder.
Do NOT upload the final download folder. Open up the final download folder.
Browse the contents and find the actual theme folder. If you look inside the theme folder, you will see a “style.css” file. This is how you know you have found the theme folder.
Using an FTP client, upload ONLY the theme folder to your “wp-content/themes” folder.
Login to your WordPress admin panel and activate the theme.

I followed the above instructions and i have the theme installed, but it does not seem to find the completed code files.

It is as if i have a front page and it wants me to build the site from scratch.

I loaded the code files in the wp-content, themes directory, in a folder called Medicenter.

I am running on a vs2012 platform.

Thanks for any help!

That is because it is a WP theme NOT a sit template. They do not come “as is” in the demo - you have to either populate it with content or check to see if the theme has a XML file with demo content in it that you can import to make it look like the demo

This is a live site demo, and i have all the code files.

When i purchased the HTML version of the above site, and received the code files, it was up and running in vs2012 in minutes, and looked exactly like the demo.

I followed their instructions but seem to have ended up with a shell site, even though i have the code files.

It is as if WordPress is not recognizing the downloaded code files?


WP themes are NOT the same as Site Templates they are “themes” as in a styling they do not come with the page content pre compiled.

To make it look like the demo you nee dto go through the import process of CONTENT which is separate from INSTALLING the theme. Have you added any dummy XML file?

This video is from the item page and shows you how to make it look like the demo

Thanks for the video, somehow it was buried and i missed it.

It worked fine up to the widget import:

Widget Importer & Exporter
Import Widgets

Please select a .wie file generated by this plugin.

The video selected a json file, my plugin wants a .wie file, which i don’t have.

Any solution to this ?


I always thought Widget exports were in JSON form with .wie extension. If you are 100% sure the JSON file is not in the folder (When you downloaded it did you select “main files” or “Installable WordPress Files Only” - you would need the “main files” download) then check it is not covered in the documentation? If not ask the author here is difficult without access to the files for anyone to help on here. Good luck

I downloaded the top widget plugin with five stars, which needed a wie file.

I then downloaded the second widget plugin with 4.5 stars, which was the correct one.

I at least managed to get the site working, but i am missing the top menu bar, so i am stuck on the home page.

Where would i find this ?

The video is waaaay too fast, and even when constantly pausing it is very hard to follow.

Many thanks for your help !

Appearance >> Menus >> then assign “main menu” to the primary navigation location

In the video it is at 34 secs in BUT it uses WP 3.7 in the video which is slightly different to 3.8 SO in top left “select a menu to edit” and select “main menu” , then down the bottom under the page names “theme locations” make sure “primary menu” is ticked and then HIT SAVE

In Manage Locations, i selected Main menu and saved.

In Edit Menus at the bottom of the page i get Theme locations, and checked Main Menu and save.

I now have a top level menu but it is in the following format.

Home Home Blog Blog Pages Pages Sample Page

Why am i missing some items, and why are other items duplicated ?


Sounds like you have imported multiple version when you added content etc. Just delete/remove duplicates and if the subpages etc are not located as sub items of the “page” bit (I cant see what you are seeing bear in mind) then just build the menu up with the pages you want (video 34 secs - the menu listing looks the same its only the locations part which is different in the video)

You are correct. Somehow it imported some duplicate pages, and did not select others.

I figured out how to remove the duplicates, now i need to figure out how to add the missing ones :slight_smile:


How do you drag other items from the dashboard into the menu structure?

It wont let me do a drag and drop :frowning:


tick it >> “add to menu” button

I tried that with Departments but only got the header, no sub menus.

All the other departments are not in the menus selection?

When i click on Departments - All Departments in the dashboard i can select all, and click apply, but they are still not an option within the menu selection.

How do i accomplish this?


Hey Charlie4282,

I wish to thank you for your gracious time and support yesterday!

If you are ever in Tampa, FL., ping me and i will take you our for a good steak, unless you are a vegetarian :slight_smile:


No worries - did u solve the menu? If u can’t see the links click scren options top right an make air everything is ticked to be visible an to make sub items in menu just drag them to the right slightly so they sit offset from the parent page

As premium layers said the author has good support otherwise and knows the file best

I did get the site working, but what did not make sense was that i was missing half the top line menu items.

I was able to manually fix this with WP, but if i have the full source code files why should i have to do this ?

The original website also allows a user to select up to six colors on the home page.

Based on their video tutorial, i don’t see how this is possible, since they suggest clicking on the blue xml and json files, which obviously defaults the site to only a blue color.


I think you still have HTML sites and WP themes confused. HTML sites are code that is created to look a certain way with certain content pre entered. A WP theme is a styled framework (the code of which does not have pre inserted copy) which the user then has to set up by selecting colours, building pages, setting up menus and so on.

I would imagine if you find theme options (prob “appearance” then “theme options” ) you can change the colours etc there if different elements but again I can’t see it to tell you and this is best to read the documentation with the file or ask the author

I already have a post in the Medicenter Forum awaiting an answer to the same question i asked you. Hopefully they will answer it soon.

I am far more familiar with, and as you can tell just leaning WordPress.

I understand that WordPress is a very different way of doing things than, but what are the main benefits of WordPress over

It seems that they have added a GUI layer, to make things more user friendly for people with less development ability.