Downloading Demo Content to Wordpress

Hi everyone,

I’ve purchased and activated this theme into my wordpress site:

However, I can’t find the .xml file for demo content within the zipped folder. When I go to download “All Demo Data” it says success, but when I check the site nothing changes.

Can anyone help? I’ve also contacted the creator, but never got a response.


Has the content imported e.g. go to appearance > pages > are they there even if it’s not visible on the front end?

It may use 1 click import and not a XML file. It’s possible that the content is there (images are not included) but you need to set the main nav, front page etc.

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please check theme documentation. in documentation there should be all necessary help how to use the theme, how to import demo, how to setup theme options, how to setup front page … etc.

Otherwise you can go to theme Commnets page and ask them your query.