I cant find the them I bought once I download the file


I bought a them for my wordpress website, the problem is when I try to unzip it and install it in my wp I can’t find the mopers-them.zip I have two file on named mopper.zip and the other named mopper.child.zip.

I did install them both but I dont find the demo content and the site once installee does not look like the demo preview

Can I have some help please ?

My theme’s name is moppers

Assuming it’s this file Moppers - Cleaning Company and Services WordPress Theme by SlashCreative

It’s one click install demo content Moppers Wordpress Theme | Documentation by SlashCreative

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Yeah it is exactly this theme.

I did dowload the file but when its installed on wordpress, it does not look like the them.

Does this them require to install a demo content file ?

Mohamed Zekraoui.

No theme looks like the demo until you install demo content

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I went into the child.zip and found a fail data content I find an xml file I did install it. The xml file is adding some images and text to the site but I still cant have the final result as in the preview demo.

Thanks for your help, thats mean th world for me

You shouldn’t have to use xml - the documentation link above says it’s one click in theme options (do it on the parent theme not the child)

If i understand well,

I have to install both child and parents theme.
Then I have to go to the sc option and import it.

I did try to install and use a one click demo plugin in word press. When I tried to install the demo content the plugg in told me that no demo content is avaiable.


Are you sure the parent theme is active?

Otherwise ask the author

Yes I’m sure.

I will try like you said and come back if needed hope I will be able to use the theme I paid for.

Hi,I did intall the parent them, I foloowed every step that you mentionned. WP is telling me that there is no data content to import.

I bought this them and I can’t use it…
Also It was said that by buying it I would have also a support so I’m asking for help and for a solution.

Kinds regards,

Items are supported by the author

The author is not answering, you seem not willing to help me.

I will never come back and purchase in this site.

I still asking you to help me, I dont care about the author.

No one in the forums will be able to help with specific theme questions beyond suggesting best practice - we are just community members like you.

How long ago did you try and contact them? Presumably through their official support portal?

Wish you good luck!