how to upload the demo content to my web site

i have tried to install a paid premium Wordpress website template but i failed, i mean installation was completed but i cant figured out how can I build the template as a demo page.

I tried to install this wordpress theme:

and the demo is look like :

but i only see a absurd blog texts.

I contacted to my Wordpress geek friend and he told me “I was thought in your theme file have demo.xml content but there is no demo.xml file in your theme folder if you want to make your site look like the demo theme then you have to need from scratch and working manually step by step, there is not option automatically and every theme needs to working manually after install the theme”

I know i need a demo.xml but the seller did not receive my messages.

Anyone have any suggestions on how I can resolve this.

maybe the author is out of town or not online yet just give them 1-2 days before responding on your email… only the theme author can give you the demo xml file… this is your support includes:

Maybe you need wait until Monday, now is weekends and supporter not working.

Hey if you so hurry i can offer premium service to setup wordpress theme with demo content, here you can order the job: