May I get permission to repost the youtube video of yours and translate them?

May I translate the video Envato posted on YouTube into other languages and repost it to other websites?I am a painting lover and I would like to help others who do not speak English to see such a good course!

You’ll have to contact Support for that, though I think there’s a way for people to contribute translations on existing Youtube videos without having to post an entirely new one. You should look into that.

You’ll have to get in touch with support for that. But yeah i have seen many guys contributing to existing videos so it’s something which is not like something as it’s not doable. It seems possible

Thank you

Hi @cy5— we appreciate you wanting to help but we have our own translation programme; what language would you be interested in translating into?

I would like to have it translated into Chinese and contributed to

I’m sure I’ll cite the source and recommend yours site

It won’t be about citing ownership - as mentioned above envato have official translation solutions.

Despite your offer probably being genuine, absolutely no business the size of envato (or much smaller) could ever adopt anything short of an official, contracted and controlled method to do this due to the potentially huge implications of inaccuracy or error.

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