Just a question regarding licence



Hello!I am just starting here on envato and i see there are a lot of nice and helpfull people so i decided to ask you a question regarding licencing.
How does this work?When i upload my stock footage,the footage becomes licenced or do i have to licence it somewhere
else?I know its a noob question but i am a noob here :smiley:


I’m also in the same boat.

I’ve made a WordPress theme but I’m not sure what to do license wise.


All I did was upload my item to the market. Pretty easy, huh?


I guess so! Seems pretty ambiguous to newbies though.

Would be nice to have a guide about this kind of thing.

It might already be in the help section but couldn’t find anything.


#OsamaSayegh This is all it takes?great!
#danieltj27 Yea those things should be a bit more in depth explained,about taxes too


Please browse various topics in help center which might answer your questions .