Make a deposit from India

I have used my paypal account to withdrawal money. But in this time I would like to buy a item from envato , I have try to make a deposit from my paypal how can I do that? I have not any credit card so hos how can I load money to my paypal from my axis bank debit card?

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Plz help me all Indian authors friends.

You can give try to entropay pay, it provides you virtual cards that are valid internationally. I personally have tried it on Amazon s3 and Rackspace but not on envato so try at your own risk.

The other way is you can deposit your earnings to envato directly or get some credit card from bank or take help from your friend or family.

Thanks is there any virtual card on axis bank ? do you know about this? what bank do you prefer in india?

HDFC ( They give credit cards quickly ) or you can use credit card from any bank. As far as I know virtual cards from banks are valid for India-Nepal transactions only. I prefer you check your bank details first.

yes , axis bank has e-Wallet card but i m not sure weather it will work here or not.

Yes actually I am asking for this card. is there any active user of this card?

Thanks for your reply buddy.

if you have internet banking on , i guess you can create it online. even if does not work on envato you can still use that money on other online purchases within india. so ur money won’t go anywhere.So there’s no harm in giving it a try.

thanks will try.


The Paypal form actually accepts Debit Card and Credit Cards.

So, You can simply use a debit card on the PayPal from.

Hope that helps.


Hi, did you try this?

i have tried most of the debit cards and they don’t work on Paypal. I would suggest getting a credit card instead.

I didn’t try myself, AFAIK they are just checking for visa / master card