Which Indian debit card will work at envato?

I have 3 clients at the moment & they want me to setup their e-commerce website. I need to buy few prestashop themes from here but my debit cards won’t work.

Can someone tell me which Indian debit cards will work at envato?

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There is option to enable International Transactions for your debit card in your bank account. Have you checked it?

At present you can purchase with creditcard only if you want to use debitcard use paypal

So, I just need to contact bank to enable my debit card for International Transactions?

Only if it’s a Visa or Mastercard. Otherwise it won’t work.

Yes, contact them. But, is it an International Debit Card?

I made a call to customer care of union bank of India. They said you can get EMV debit card from your branch and then you can make international transaction.
I will do it tomorrow and will update my thread.

That’s probably true, but it still needs to be Visa or Mastercard. Just having an EMV card doesn’t automatically mean you can use it on Envato… there are EMV cards (or chip and PIN cards) which aren’t Visa or Mastercard.

most of the bank debit cards in india are visa or debit cards sss :slight_smile:

Then most of the cards in India can be used to purchase items on Envato. But as his debit cards won’t work, then it’s a reasonable assumption that his cards may not be in the ‘most of the cards in India’ category!

he might be having maestro or RuPay

may be this link should give more idea of limitations