Paypal to Envato and Payoneer



HI Everybody
Paypal does not allow associating Payoneer. However in envato I can make a deposit to Payoneer very easy.
My question is: Can I make a deposit to GraphicRiver with Paypal and then that send it to me with a withdrawal to my Payoneer card?



I don’t think you can do that.
the credit you deposit to your account is different than the credit you purchase


Its not possible to withdraw the deposited amount (credits) on Envato.
And, the deposited credits are valid for 12 months. More info in this help article.


Thanks for your time and your answer. I from Argentina i´m very sad i cannot extract the money from Paypal. To much work effort and time. And nothing I can do to get that money I’ve earned and is now in Paypal