Maintenance Issue At Marketplace

Why showing this one item in account but showing zero ThemeForest Items (0 ThemeForest Items)

Expect best reply from you @KingDog

Thanks in advance.

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Have the same issue. 0 items being shown.

No idea actually :joy:

It seems to be only showing incorrectly on the Portfolio link. Probably not the most useful UX anyway since you’re on the Portfolio page so you can already see how many items they have.

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I have see on zero(0) on my portfolio page also

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Hope Envato developer team will fix it soon.
No worry about this all of authors & purchasers.


I also can see this bugs. Though it is not most priority bugs to fix but hope Envato Development Team will fix it soon.


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@unlockdesign Great thanks for reporting in

The team is now working on rectifying this issue. I will keep everyone updated.

Kind regards

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@unlockdesign I have fixed the issue and it is now live. You can refresh to the page to verify the fixed sidebar stats.


Thanks a lot for fixed issues. :slight_smile:
Thank you too @trung_le :slight_smile:

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