MagicBook Theme is not updating

Hello all,

In 2017 I downloaded, and currently use, MagicBook theme from Themeforest. Today I see my version is still 1.16 but there have been updates since then. (I’m hoping the updates make it easier to change sub menu font colors and more) I went to themeforest and selected to download my file again and tried that but it failed to upload because… well I still am using the theme and it says it’s already installed. Any suggestions? Also, nothing will be deleted right? I never touched the main code. Only custom CSS and Javascript plus using wordpress editor.


After downloading the update version from your Downloads you can do these:

  1. must keep a full backup before updating the theme
  2. if you made changes in your child theme then will be much safe for you because in that case you can update parent theme more easily hopefully without any loss.
  3. If you made changes in your parent theme then you have to make the chnages in new update version theme

As you have mentioned you din’t changed the theme coding except css and js then I think you can make the changes easily but I will strongly recommend before making update please read theme documentation how to make update the theme and also please contact theme Auhtor Contact Author because Item Author are best expert about their Item functionality. and ask them about the update.