theme not updated to Wordpress 6.0

I’m running a 2016 theme that apparently has not been updated to Wordpress 6.0. I’m starting to have problems (the menu won’t update), and I’m wondering if the lack of an update is the problem. I don’t have premium support from the author anymore, and I’m not getting any response from them. Thoughts? Suggestions?

theme and all plugins always should to keep up-to-date with the latest version.
As you didn’t update the theme for the last 6 years there is a maximum probability you will face problem when you will update theme but your theme author can tell details about it. Continues update with the last version can avoid this problem.


I’ve regularly updated my theme. Everything is up to date - theme and plugins. The problem is that the theme currently only shows it’s compatible up to 5.9. In other words - the THEME AUTHOR has not updated to make the theme compatible beyond 5.9…But we’re now on Wordpress 6.0

I am not sure but the theme should work fine with WordPress 6.0

ok, thanks. Then I guess I need to wait to hear from the developer, since the menu customizing function isn’t working. I thought maybe it was a Wordpress incompatibility issue…


I think this is one of the reasons why keeping themes up to date with wordpress changes makes it so difficult for any author. But I agree with @mgscoder that the theme should still in theory work with the latest wordpress version. Since Wordpress released this version 6 on 24 May 2022 and you posted 3 hours ago, I wonder when did you find this problem happened? With the menu I mean? Respect :+1: