Magazine rejected please advise me why

your is not a magazine… it’s more like a brochure. editorial content just would not flow like that unless it was a design magazine as those are usually over designed and that’s the impression i get. Maybe think about spliting it up and marketing as a brochure? Good luck.

hi i think that this is more likely due to a collection of reasons like contrast, text positioning, choice and colors and a lot of other issues indeed …

hi indeed there are many things to change or improve in my view so that this can potentially be reaching the standard

1- typo
this is super flat in terms of typo, lacking originality , font combinations and relief in a general way

2- color choice
apart from not necessarily not being very aesthetic, the color u chose are not contrasting enough and bringing other problems when it comes to texts

3- hierarchy and readability
for me there is not much being outstanding and this provides the feeling of a very flat thing overall, plus some of the text, also due to the choice of colors are clearly not that readable

4- cover
there is nothing on this one … think about it this is the first contact that u have with the document and not only u have close to zero graphic design out there but in addition, the small elements u have are not readable, not really super visible, they just look like pasted here just to use some space …

5- text positioning
on the cover u do not have the feeling of a magazine style, this just looks like a picture with some text placed randomly on top of it right now … though u respect the z-reading process … the focus point text is being polluted with crossing the picture

6- text crossing shapes or pictures
this is not a good idea and to avoid as much as possible as texts are hard to read or cannot be read indeed

7- squares with text inside
indeed hard to understand why these shapes … they look not particularly good and do not help to texts springing out