My Magazine design was rejected, Please advice me the mistakes..

First look at your work and I know why it was rejected but I don’t know how to tell you why.

It is not bad at all. -> But (there are always buts :wink:

Really have problem to express my feelings here but I will tell you two words I have in mind when I’m looking at your work:

  1. Chaos
  2. Clipart

I think is too chaotic and looks like someone put this in powerpoint or something.

When you are making Magazine design do few simple steps like I do:

  1. Create an idea - for example make design where you will put only animal photos, just like you are designing for national geographic etc.

  2. Keep it all together - for example make it white + black + yellow (do not put color + photo chaos).

  3. Read about golden ratio ( I am serious)

  4. Read about typography design ( and you will see why you should read about golden ratio design)

And that’s it. Probably you will struggle with this for day or two, I know this. But later ??? My friend later your works will flow here accepted like a babies :slight_smile:

peace ! :slight_smile:

Thank you very much for your advise…