I got the hard reject for the third time, can I get feedback so I know where I am wrong

Hi anyone, can anyone tell me why my magazine was rejected again this time. I am sure this is unusual, because my items were fine beforehand. Maybe with me knowing these things in the future I can make better items. thanks.

hi for me this is mainly an issue of typo, spacing sometimes and font combinations not highlighting hierarchy enough … but i am not an expert for this type of item … ask @Novocaina, he will probably be able to help u …

Hello :slight_smile:

This days when really different items are accepted (one is good and another is not) is really hard to be smart guy here. My opinion hmm… okay let me try.

My first impression overall is that there is too much going on, I know that magazines are like this but this is too much going on - I would call this as chaos.

Try to make this simplier - Try to keep max 3 - 4 different fonts. Make sure your spacing and padding is same in every text, header etc. Colors -> try to use max 3 different colors in all desing - in different combinations, on the backgrounds etc. bt max three.

What is that mean… that means yor design will look more compatible, more clean - all things should work together here. Try to avoid this chaos.

For example - this page where header says: “the camera with lightroom built in” - look at this two pages and then look at this two blue pages below -> completely different style, different family…

I know that magazines are like this but not everything is ok on envato - all design itself should be in one style - many photos = ok, a lot of text = ok, different combinations = ok -> but simplier with fonts and colors.

This is how I made my magazines and portfolios.

And extra tip -> if you want keep your preview images of magazine looks complete try to use photos with same color range -> for example all magazine preview images with forests, mountains, fields… this helps.

I am not expert but if you asked me … I told you a few things I keep in my works :slight_smile:

good luck :slight_smile:

Thank you very much @Novocaina for your review or feedback. It really helped me to get better in the future with a neater portfolio. There are many things that I don’t understand and this is more than enough, I understand now.