Made significant changes after last hard reject, Need feedback before resubmitting..

Hello Friends,

I have created a project with Core PHP and Mysql with Bootstrap 5.
Last time when i submitted i neglected lots of guidelines, But now i have properly followed up the instruction and my project is ready to submit again, I would like to get some of your feedback now if my item is ready for approval…

TheSalonMan : Salon Management System for Salon Owners and Salon Employees.

Demo Links

  1. Super Admin Panel: TheSalonMan - Super Dashboard
    Username - superadmin
    password - superadmin

  2. Admin Panel: TheSalonMan - Dashboard
    Username - 9876543210
    Password - 1234567

  3. Salon Panel - (Open in Mobile Browser)
    Scan This QR Code to open panel.

Or Download Android App for Salon Panel
Download Salon Panel App

Documentation :
View TheSalonMan Documentation

Youtube Guide :
View on YouTube

Please provide your valuable feedback.

Also, I have an important query for team Evanto.
I have implemented Evanto API for purchase code verification in my script, Should I keep it in sandbox mode when submitting to review or should I turn on Live mode? how will the reviewer test the script in live mode as my script currently doesn’t have an Item Id?

I am checking the purchase code against the item id if the purchase is genuine, but using the sandbox item id as described in this documentation