hard reject rejected my item

Hello my item was rejected, codecanyon team suggest I to ask in the forum
Please, can anyone tell me what is wrong with the item?

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the front-end design quality is not a stander… improved your design quality… hire one designer and modify your font-end…


Thank you reply to me but quality well where is problem not quality

Design quality and code quality are different things. You gotta have them both for approval

but design quality well can you open URL look quality but code quality I don’t rejected

i have project but without code purchase install no problem ?


Unfortunately I have to agree with other comments - your demo and admin area are both something, but nothing in the same breath. It’s not just because it looks basic - basic sometimes can be good but you need to have it looking great.

The admin area (say when you go to settings) -

I like the way you have buttons for the various manage sections on there, BUT then you go to Email or SMS Templates -

And you just haven’t tried to make that look good - in fact it looks confusing.

You need to go back over this and work out so many aspects to make it look, feel more aesthetically pleasing and at the same time make sure your coding is spot on

Thank you explained Reply to me Thanks.