Looking to fix broken Disqus import


Hi, I have a problem on my website and am looking for someone who has experience of using the SEO theme by Lumberman Designs and Disqus.

What has happened so far:

Had my old site at www.straygoat-technicalauthor.co.uk updated to use the SEO theme. Rather than work on the live site, the dev made a copy, hosted elsewhere, and did the work on that.

As part of the work, they were supposed to transfer Disqus on my blog pages.

For the new site, I changed the domain to straygoat.co.uk and the new content and theme is there. But there is a problem with the Disqus implementation. New comments work fine, but old comments (those that were made on straygoat-technicalauthor.co.uk are either lost or appear in the wrong place on the page.

I need someone to fix it so that old comments (there aren’t that many, but I’d still like to keep them) are there and in the right place, alongside any new comments.

Can anyone help?