Looking for a freelance coder/designer to help with with a few bugs. PAID

I have a theme with some bugs with the last update and few other issues. The Author is nowhere to be found. I am looking for someone who can fix 3 things for me.

Website: Companykd.com
Theme: Charm Portfolio Author: ThemeRain

Issues: Mobile logo is too big and overlaps the nav block

The videos in the accolades section have a css override and I can’t figure out how to make them smaller.

There is a problem with the recent wordpress update and it is loading the same few projects over and over again. I would like it to function and only display each project once.

Let me know if you can help with with these three items and what your estimates cost would be. Easiest option would be for me to pay through paypal.

Thanks! Caki Cook


I would love to assist contact me at basiliskan@gmail.com and we can do any issues!
We can also discuss through skype :wink:

I can help you! contact me… thanks

Hello cakattack,

I know it’s been a while you’ve posted this but if you’re still looking for someone please send us a mail at admin@isotopethemes.com

Thank you so much for your response, but the first responder took care of all my issues. Have a nice week!