Looking for used music


Please, what music (audiojungle?) is used in Young Book promo ?

P.S. Is it a template ???


Hey! I have a pretty similar tracks! May be it will suits?


Do you really want something from here or you just wanted to increase the views on youtube video?


Hello, Joproject!

May be this one: Trailer Hero http://audiojungle.net/item/trailer-hero/7872653


Why you say that ?
I will make a similar promo for my client.
I’m Italian no USA. I posted graphistudio’s link in o the post but no reply. Ok ?


I said that because these days its a cleaner way to generate views. I have seen some other posts with such subjects a few weeks ago so thought to ask this time. Nothing personal mate :slight_smile:


Ok, no problem, the real problem is that promo like so much to my client… ufff
I need similar.


If you only need help with the sound thn we can do it. we do such work for our customers. Let me know your budget and we will see if we can assist you to make something for you