Looking for Theme ID Please

Can anyone tell me what themes these would be, or something close?

WP would be ideal, although my needs are modest and I would consider other options.


Design wise neither of these would be approved here.

Hosting themes https://themeforest.net/category/wordpress?term=hosting%20provider#content

If you mean the functionality of comparing providers then you need to investigate plugins as this is unlikely to be a standard feature included in a stock theme.

Not approved here, why?

Not looking for the directory of approved themes, I know where that is and how to find theme templates for sale.

I mean finding similarly styles theme templates. How do plugins relate?

Both designs, esp the second are very out of date and wouldn’t pass the standards for here (there are freebies that may be more similar if Googled)

If it’s the review and rating functionality that is most important to you then there may be plugins that can help achieve that but as standard it’s unlikely that there will be themes with it included due to the custom data feeds required

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No, just the layout; matter of fact if I can get my hands on #1 I may even adapt it for my personal page and replace the server racks with either a Tardis or dialects.