Looking for some plugins for my e-commerce site

Hello there,

My company sells phone cases and I need some plugins for our website. I’ve been looking for these plugins for quite sometime but couldn’t find anything that does the job well. I hope you can help me :slight_smile:

  1. Instagram feed shopping page
    Basically costumers can easily find and buy the products displayed on the brand’s Instagram page.
    I’m looking for something just like this: https://shop-milkyway.com/a/snappic

  2. Adding variations
    This is something that’s driving us crazy. On the product page we have a dropdown menu where the costumer can choose their device. When a new phone appears on the market for example the Samsung S8 right now we have to manually add a new variation to all of our products…over 800. This is a very time consuming task. I’m looking for a plugin that would make adding variations easier. We have already tried some bulk editing plugins and the results were disastrous.
    Our product pages are similar to this one: https://shop-milkyway.com/collections/iphone-7-cases/products/summer-pineapple-vibes-clear-tpu-case-cover

  3. Order of the products
    I’m looking for a plugin that would make it possible to rearrenge our products. Right now we have to change the date of publishing to create some kind of an order, it takes forever and a day.

Thank you in advance!


You can try our theme with all features (instagram shop, product variation swatches, for reorder products you can easy change publish date of separate product ) like you want at

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Thank you for your help!

To be honest I didn’t want to change our theme, but yours is so stunning and professional that I believe I’ll go with it :slight_smile:

Could you please send me a link to your demo instagram shop, I couldn’t find it and I would love to see it first.
Also could you send me some screenshots of the product variation swatches function?


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Thank you for interested in our theme. Hope you like our theme and purchase in soon day.

You can see demo of



Thank you!

Is it possible to add a dropdown menu to a product page where people can select their devices? Something similar to this http://shopcatchingrainbows.com/shop-2/phone-cases/custom-name-phone-case/


Sorry for late reply.

Yes, you can add dropdown menu to product page where people can select their devices You can check one of our client using our theme http://fashionhive.pk/product/real-madrid-fc-custom-name-and-number-mobile-cover-five/

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