Need advice with using WooCommerce product variations...

Hi Guys, quick question… I’m really stuck… I have a personalised clothing site and want to sell Variable products… The products all have choices of colour, size, product type and letter colour… unfortunately, because there are so many attributes, it creates 2568 variatons… which is impossible for me to work with… So my question is, does anyone know how to achieve this without having to use Variations? Is there a way to allow custom options on each product?

Hope that makes sense.

This plugin looks very popular and powerful, please check its requirements to see if it would be suitable:

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and you moderate discussions in a help environment?

No more help than a tip on buying another plug-in? Maybe try a little harder. I have the same issue but different. We have a WooCommerce store ( and on the product pages random products display claiming to be related products but they couldn’t be further from related in any way. So, Question Is, how do we make the claimed “related products” really be related? Where can we go and either designate by other categories or key words or price points or something? Something that is related? Is there a setting or just a plug-in to purchase? Any help that is real information would very appreciated. - Louis