Custom Plugins for my WooCommerce Website

Am looking for a Custom Plugin for my WooCommerce site


  1. Allowing customer to select a product and share it in WhatsApp only the first image and the highlights mentioned with product SKU without any website link.

Note: We are working uploading the product and the site is yet to go live will go live in a week or 2.

Theme & Plugins I use is below one.

I don’t want any clash with this while creating because b2b is very important and the theme I worked completely already I don’t wanna do a rework again and again.

This is basic share link feature with meta details ( if provided by SEO )

Thanks for response, however am looking to share the images not the product link.

Only the 1st Product Image or the image assigned for the sharing linked to that product with the Product Highlights mentioned in the description side and also a SKU.

You can just link to the image URL while sharing, that will solve your problem.

If you need help on coding, you can contact me, I’d be happy to help you on the modifications.

Thank you have sent a personal message.