Looking for help customizing a social network type script

I’m looking to use an existing script here (not chosen yet) to accommodate a very simple social network/intranet platform. Think a very simple intranet with search and sorting like a dating site, but for professionals of different types.

I’m looking for both script suggestions (I’ve found a good many) as well as looking to hire someone to customize to the details below:

No matter that, I’ll need customization.
Here’s the key things I’m looking for:

  1. Ability for members to create groups/projects where they can invite others and also share resources (files) .

  2. Membership “attributes” that are similar to “roles” , but not for admin level purposes. For sorting and searching members. Ie: photographer - designer - etc.

  3. Membership subscription levels that limit the above (free- 1 attribute> paid level 1 - up to 3
    profile attributes etc) and limit/unlock certain features. Like max number of “friends” , creation of groups/projects, number of groups/projects a member can be part of at a single time.

  4. Messaging system with file sharing/attachments

A good many of scripts and Wordpress themes have most of what I need, but need customization.

Looking to hire immediately .

I would like to recommend one of the Websites & Programming experts at Envato Studio. They’re really good and surprisingly affordable.